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Big box boosters

Employees, customers praise larger mailboxes

Woman removes packages from mailbox
Customers continue embracing the larger mailboxes that retailers began selling last year.

Next generation mailboxes continue to be popular with customers and employees alike.

Retailers began selling the boxes last year after USPS tested them in several communities nationwide. At more than a foot wide and 12 inches high, the boxes can hold multiple packages, letters, bills and magazines.

“The box is a great size. It comfortably holds small packages and regular-sized mailpieces,” said Kim Larson, Postmaster in Broomfield, CO, one of the first areas that tested the boxes.

The mailboxes help the Postal Service reduce failed delivery attempts that occur when letter and rural carriers are unable to deliver packages because they won’t fit in customers’ boxes.

“They look great and they are extremely functional,” said Joan Jellieson, a Broomfield resident who purchased her mailbox last fall.

The Postal Service is planning to test possible improvements to the boxes, including keyless locking and notification features that allow customers to know when mail is delivered. has more information about the boxes, including links to retailers that sell them.

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