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Pulling the envelope

Comedian has fun with letter carrier

Comedian Billy Kelly and Lewisburg, PA, City Carrier Assistant Todd Smith
Billy Kelly displays his April Fools’ Day “envelope” alongside Lewisburg, PA, City Carrier Assistant Todd Smith.

Billy Kelly loves making people laugh — especially when they least expect it.

The comedian and musician chose April Fools’ Day for his latest prank, which involved Lewisburg, PA, City Carrier Assistant Todd Smith.

When Smith came to Kelly’s door April 1, he found part of a stamped envelope sticking out of the mail slot.

It appeared to be a typical letter for Smith to add to his mailbag — until he pulled, and pulled and pulled again.

The 10-foot “envelope” was addressed to A. Prilfools, 123 Main St., Anytown, U.S.A., and had “April Fools!” written at the end.

Kelly recorded a curious Smith pulling the envelope and shared photos with his fans on Facebook.

“It’s been a hit,” Kelly told

Smith, who was substituting for Kelly’s regular carrier, was a good sport, the comedian said. “I was apologizing and he was cracking up,” he said.

Kelly said he meant no harm and appreciates USPS.

“I love getting mail, and I go to the Post Office several times a week,” he said.

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