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Hoops heroes

Employees grant young basketball fan’s wish

NC basketball
Macah receives the sleeve from Robersonville, NC, Postmaster Jeffrey Stanley.

If you ask one Robersonville, NC, child to explain why the mail is important, he might say letters make wishes come true.

A young basketball fan named Macah recently handed Letter Carrier Donald Keel a letter written to Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry.

In the letter, the boy asked Curry to send him a pair of white sleeves to wear in an upcoming basketball game.

The letter was unsealed, however, and included only a hand-drawn postage stamp.

Keel realized the letter would not get delivered in time, even with the proper postage, so he and several co-workers chipped in and bought Macah a new white sleeve.

They also paid for Priority Mail shipping of his letter to its rightful recipient, a Stephen Curry fan club.

“Part of my job is to ensure that my customers view our organization in a positive way,” said Keel, a 17-year USPS employee. “Paying it forward and teaching our youth how to send letters helps the community and our organization.”

Postmaster Jeffrey Stanley delivered the sleeve to Macah on behalf of the Robersonville employees.

“We were glad to be able to make this game an enjoyable one for him,” Stanley said.

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