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Measuring service

New program aims to improve performance

Handheld devices
USPS is using the data from employees’ handheld devices to improve service.

The Postal Service is continuing to use technology to improve operations.

Through a new service performance measurement program, USPS is using the data collected by employees’ handheld devices to identify and correct areas that need improvement.

This effort is part of Informed Visibility, a USPS platform that provides businesses with analytics that allow them to boost the effectiveness of their mailings.

“By empowering our workforce and leveraging the technology of hand-held devices, we not only provide the Postal Service with significant savings, we are enhancing the way we collect information, store and report data, and provide end-to-end visibility for all mail,” said Chief Information Officer Kristin Seaver.

The new program also fits with the Postal Service’s efforts to improve scanning accuracy throughout the organization.

USPS is offering an instructional video on Blue for employees seeking detailed instructions on the program.

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