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Donald Burris, Christina Lamb and Leslie Rawlings, Fort Worth, TX

Hero Leslie Rawlings and others
From left, Fort Worth, TX, Special Postal Clerk Leslie Rawlings, Mail Processing Clerk Donald Burris, Sr. Plant Manager Tony Keeton and Maintenance Engineering Support Manager Christina Lamb

Several employees at the Fort Worth, TX, Processing and Distribution Center recently rallied around a co-worker who collapsed and stopped breathing.

While another employee called 911, Mail Processing Clerk Donald Burris started CPR.

He was assisted by Maintenance Engineering Support Manager Christina Lamb, who performed the count between chest compressions and stabilized the man’s airway, and Mail Processing Clerk Leslie Rawlings, who focused on talking to him in an effort to bring him back to consciousness.

Emergency responders soon arrived and transported the man to a hospital. He is recovering from the incident.

“It’s remarkable to have employees who are engaged enough to care and to provide swift action when needed,” said Sr. Plant Manager Tony Keeton.

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