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New insights

Updated portal offers better customer insights

Customer insights
Multichannel Customer Analysis Program Manager Alexander Petr discusses the new platform at a recent meeting at USPS headquarters in Washington, DC.

USPS recently revamped a tool that measures customers’ perceptions and the performance of postal products, services and facilities.

The Customer Insights 2.0 platform analyzes data gathered from customers’ retail and delivery experiences, as well as information collected from the Business Service Network and other sources.

“Our field folks needed a more detailed, yet simplified system,” said Multichannel Customer Analysis Program Manager Alexander Petr. “The new platform gives employees data any way they want or need it in just a few clicks.”

Here’s what’s new:

• More data. The platform’s new features offer better analysis of data for month-to-month comparisons, trends, topics and performance.

• Filters. Data can be aggregated at multiple levels, from location to date range, giving users more pertinent information broken down to individual facilities.

• Interactive graphics. Colored pie charts, graphs and timelines put data percentages into visual form.

• Downloadable information. The platform updates weekly and data can be downloaded and shared in multiple formats.

So why does all this matter?

“Providing more and better data, quicker to employees, means they can make performance changes and improvements faster,” Petr said.

You can request platform access by searching “Customer Insights” in eAccess. Additional information is available on Blue.

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