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Gregory Wilder and Joseph Meyers, Solana Beach, CA

USPS employees flank customer
Solana Beach, CA, customer Joel Gerber flanked by Letter Carrier Gregory Wilder, left, and City Carrier Assistant Joseph Meyers

A semi-retired federal judge had devoted three decades to his passion for woodworking without the kind of accident that recently threatened his life.

Joel Gerber was in the garage of his Solana Beach, CA, home when a bowl he was sanding flew off a lathe with such force that he was knocked unconscious and left with chest, jaw and head injuries that would ultimately require more than 60 stitches and surgery.

Letter Carrier Gregory Wilder and City Carrier Assistant Joseph Meyers were both nearby at the time of the accident, which sounded like an explosion, they told the Del Mar Times.

Wilder and Meyers called 911, rushed to Gerber’s side and stayed with him until emergency responders arrived.

“One thing sticks in my mind,” said Gerber, who is recovering from the mishap. “I wouldn’t be alive but for these two postal employees.”

NBC’s San Diego station later covered a reunion during which Gerber cried as he hugged and thanked Wilder and Meyers.

“These are my heroes,” he said.

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