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Celebrating women

USPS leaders discuss career advancement

PMG Megan J. Brennan opened the Women’s History Month-themed panel discussion, “Transcending Postal Generations.”

The Postal Service is continuing its long tradition of helping women employees advance in their careers, USPS leaders said during a panel discussion this week.

The Women’s History Month-themed event, which was held at headquarters in Washington, DC, highlighted the integral role women play throughout the organization.

USPS employs more than 288,000 women, or about 45 percent of its workforce.

“The diversity of the Postal Service is our strength,” said PMG Megan J. Brennan, who opened the discussion. “The real value is diversity of thought. That’s our competitive advantage.”

The panelists were Corporate Communications VP Janice Walker, Regulatory Pricing Review Manager Cynthia Sanchez-Hernandez, Product Support Manager Imelda Bruce, Architect and Engineer Lily Hwang and Chief Human Resources Officer Jeffrey Williamson. Chief Information Officer Kristin Seaver delivered closing remarks.

The advice offered by the participants included:

• Find a mentor. Young or old, new or experienced, male or female — find someone you respect, keep your mind open and learn from their experiences. 

• Do your job well. Be enthusiastic and engaged. 

• Listen. Receive feedback graciously — there is often wisdom in others’ advice.

• Seek opportunities. They may be challenging and unexpected, but give it your all.

• Expand horizons. Read books about successful women, join professional organizations and volunteer to develop and grow.

The Postal History page has additional information about Women’s History Month.

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