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Tray label system to get upgrade

The WebAtlas system is used to create and print Intelligent Mail tray labels

USPS is improving the system it uses to produce and assign tray and sack labels.

The system, Web Automated Tray Label Assignment System version 3.0 (WebATLAS3), will now feature a more user-friendly interface.

The improved system will be available to employees who use ACE workstations and plant kiosks to create and print 24-digit Intelligent Mail tray labels.

These labels are used for mail processing and dispatching in the Postal Service network.

WebATLAS3 manages application access and user roles in eAccess and works with ACE usernames and passwords.

Customers can continue to order tray labels through the Customer Label Distribution System site.

The improvements, part of the Postal Service’s efforts to provide employees with better technology, will take effect in late March.

The WebATLAS3 site has additional information.

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