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Actor’s postal performance strikes chord

Bill Chott
Bill Chott appears as a mail carrier on a recent episode of NBC’s “This Is Us.” Image: NBC

A Los Angeles actor struck an emotional chord with TV viewers after delivering a moving performance as a mail carrier on a recent episode of NBC’s “This Is Us.”

In a scene that aired on the popular family drama this month, Bill Chott plays a carrier who is delivering a package to a customer’s home when he learns the beloved grandfather who lived there has died.

Tearing up, the carrier recalls how he and the grandfather chatted daily. “People don’t stop just to talk anymore, you know? We became friends,” the carrier says.

The response has been overwhelming.

One Huffington Post writer penned a tribute to the scene, noting that her late mother had a similar relationship with her carrier.

“The response I’ve gotten from postal workers, their families and the families they serve … is they’re so happy to see [carriers] portrayed in this light,” Chott said. “They’re realizing, ‘Oh, my mailman is a real person, not just a function.’”

Chott has connected with his own letter carrier.

“I recently had a daughter, so I share pictures of her and he’ll show me videos of his daughter playing violin,” Chott said. “We talk and catch up.”

The March 7 “This Is Us” episode featuring Chott was seen by more than 11 million viewers, ranking as the week’s fifth most-watched show, according to Nielsen Media Research.

Chott hopes the character continues to resonate with audiences and change the way people interact with postal employees.

“I’ve heard stories about mail carriers showing up at funerals and hospitals to pay last respects,” he said. “They’re part of our lives and communities.”

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