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Communications course offered, auditions underway

Communications course
The Postal Service is offering a course to help managers learn how to better communicate with employees.

Can we talk? Communications is critically important to leaders at every level of an organization. If you can’t communicate effectively, it’s hard to get any job done.

To strengthen communications within the Postal Service, Learning and Development has introduced several courses to help managers learn to better communicate with employees, customers and others.

One example: Respectful Communications, an eight-hour course that combines online and classroom learning. The course number is 10025682.

Respectful Communications is designed for Executive and Administrative Schedule and Postal Career Executive Service employees in leadership positions.

Learning and Development encourages eligible employees to enroll and complete this course through the Learning Management System. To find other courses that address this subject matter, enter “communication” in the search bar.

Audición. Reminder: The Postal Service is inviting employees to audition for a new Spanish-language television commercial.

The audition is open to all employees who speak Spanish. No prior acting experience is required.

Link published audition instructions March 13.

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