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Retiree praises Informed Delivery

Bernie Siegel is a retiree who relies on Informed Delivery to check his mail when he’s out of town.

“Especially being away for an extended period, there’s a big advantage for me,” Siegel says in a new video. “It’s easy, quick and efficient — I have no trouble with the website. It works every time.”

Informed Delivery, an optional, free service from USPS, provides eligible residential consumers with images of the outside of the letter-sized mailpieces that will arrive in their household’s mailboxes soon.

These images are available via email notification or an online dashboard at

Siegel, who prefers to pay his bills through the mail, finds Informed Delivery invaluable.

“I get an email every day, and in the email are pictures of the mail that’s coming and I can react to it,” Siegel says. “It’s very useful to me.”

Informed Delivery is available in select ZIP Codes currently, although the service will expand nationally by late April.

The Informed Delivery sites on Blue and LiteBlue have more information for employees.

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