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Rare stamp, Postal Bulletin highlighted

Stamp owner speaks to reporter
Stuart Weitzman, owner of the world’s rarest stamp, speaks to reporter Jan Crawford in a recent segment. Image: CBS News

Pretty penny. The world’s rarest stamp was the subject of a CBS News report last week.

A small number of the seemingly unremarkable One-Cent Magenta stamps were printed more than 150 years ago in South America. Only one remains.

Over the years, various collectors have spent small fortunes to possess the artifact.

The current owner, luxury shoe designer Stuart Weitzman, paid $9.5 million for the stamp in 2014.

He first read about the stamp in a Donald Duck comic book when he was a boy.

Donald “goes to the jungles of British Guiana to try to find this relic. I don’t know how it ended up, but obviously, I got the stamp and he didn’t,” Weitzman told CBS.

Bird in the hand. USPS dedicated the Barn Swallow Stamped Envelope at a recent American Philatelic Society show in Reno, NV.

The envelope features a large illustration of a perching barn swallow and a smaller image of the bird in flight.

The Postal Bulletin recently published additional information, including ordering details.

Cybersecurity tips. Speaking of the Postal Bulletin: The publication’s latest edition offers tips for protecting mobile devices from hackers.

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