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Postal thieves directed to watch ‘The Inspectors’

Actress Jessica Lundy
Jessica Lundy plays Postal Inspector Amanda Wainwright on CBS’s “The Inspectors.”

“The Inspectors” educates viewers on ways to avoid becoming victims of mail crimes — and now the acclaimed CBS series is helping to rehabilitate three youths who broke the law.

It began when postal inspectors investigated a series of burglaries at a South Carolina Post Office. In each instance, the thieves pried open parcel lockers and a workroom floor door.

Inspectors soon identified three juvenile suspects who were each charged with burglary, sentenced to one-year probation and ordered to pay restitution to USPS.

But postal inspectors also wanted to educate and rehabilitate the youths.

The inspectors recommended the judge add watching The Inspectors to their sentences.

Additionally, the inspectors suggested the judge order the youths to write reports on the ramifications of the criminal activity depicted in each episode.

The judge liked the idea and applied the unique requirements to each defendant’s sentence.

“Since the show focuses much of its content on pre-teen and young teens, postal inspectors felt it was an ideal way to add these juveniles’ voices to the prevention message for their family and friends,” said Postal Inspector Tom Gasser III.

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