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Ready for summer

Tips for sending packages to campers

They’re ready for summer. Are their parents?
They’re ready for summer. Are their parents?

Parents across the nation are getting ready to send their kids to summer camp, and experts are reminding them to remember the importance of care packages.

Most camps have rules about what parents can and can’t send. Many prohibit food, electronics and large packages.

“They don’t want anything that will create a mess,” Malcom Petty, a Kansas City, KS, care package consultant, told the Associated Press recently.

Camps advise parents to tailor care packages to their child’s personality.

For example, sending a game like playing cards or craft materials are good icebreakers for both outgoing and shyer kids in a cabin.

Parents are also reminded to not go overboard with lavish gifts, sending packages too frequently or sending items that may invoke homesickness.

Packages can also cause hurt feelings if not everyone is receiving them so shareable items that add value to the camp experience are encouraged.

Other tips: Plan an extra day or two for delivery and double check the camp’s summer address.

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