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Fast fix

District resolves paper’s delivery issues

Southside Messenger’s publisher and editor, Averett Jones and Keysville, VA, Postmaster Melissa Pulliam
Southside Messenger’s publisher and editor, Averett Jones, left, worked with Keysville, VA, Postmaster Melissa Pulliam and others to resolve delivery problems.

When a Virginia newspaper began experiencing delivery problems recently, Richmond District managers responded quickly.

The Southside Messenger was receiving customer complaints that its weekly newspaper was arriving later than usual.

Capital Metro Area Marketing Manager Tammy Edwards contacted the paper’s managers to address their concerns.

“We want happy customers satisfied with their delivery,” said Edwards. “We had a meeting of the minds to get it resolved.”

Officials determined the consolidation of several Post Offices in the area was affecting delivery for some subscribers.

Papers dropped at a local Post Office Wednesday night — normally delivered the next day — were now taking 2-3 days to reach homes.

District managers located a drop-off site closer to the Processing and Distribution Center, eliminating the extra day for delivery.

Now Messenger subscribers are once again receiving papers in a timely manner.

In a recent note to readers, publisher and editor Averett Jones wrote, “Please keep in mind that when you receive your Messenger, it is because your Post Office is providing exceptional … service.”

Edwards is glad the problem was resolved quickly.

“It was a real team effort,” she said. “When different departments get together, issues can be resolved with a group solution.”

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