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Pay stub changes

USPS aims to make leave data clearer

USPS employee pay stub chart
This chart explains the revised display for annual leave. A version of the chart is included in a letter that USPS recently mailed to all leave-earning employees. Click the image to enlarge it.

The Postal Service is improving the way employees’ leave data is displayed on their pay stubs to make the information clearer and easier to understand.

Leave data includes the amount of annual leave and sick leave available to employees with leave-earning status.

Improvements include the addition of new information, including the line “Earned AL Balance.” This field does not include an employee’s advanced leave, helping employees planning to retire or separate from USPS avoid being billed for leave that is used but not earned.

Other improvements include terminology changes to clarify what information is being given. For example, “Balance” is now listed as “Available AL Balance.”

Changes will appear on pay stubs available the week of March 6 for 2017’s fifth pay period (Feb. 18-March 3).

“We want to better align the leave information on physical pay stubs with the information available on ePayroll,” said VP Controller Maura McNerney. “These display changes will help employees’ understand what leave they have available and better plan the use of it.”

The Postal Service recently mailed a letter with more details of the pay stub display changes to all leave-earning employees.

If you have questions about the information on your earnings statement, contact your immediate supervisor.

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