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Girl’s job inquiry prompts letter from CEO

Child with father
Andy Bridgewater and his daughter Chloe, who recently mailed a letter to Google’s chief executive officer — and received a response. Images: Business Insider

A British girl who wrote a letter to Google’s chief executive officer received an unexpected surprise in her mailbox recently.

Andy Bridgewater told his daughter Chloe about the company’s workplace amenities, including beanbag chairs, slides and go-carts.

This sounded like fun to the 7-year-old, so she wrote a letter to Sundar Pichai — addressing her note to “Google boss” — and declared she would like to work there when she grows up.

Chloe added that she loves computers and is an excellent student.

A month later, she received a letter from the Google boss himself.

“I’m glad that you like computers and robots,” Pichai wrote. “You can accomplish everything you set your mind to.”

Bridgewater told The Business Desk news site that his daughter was “over the moon when she received the letter back. She saw the envelope with ‘Google’ [on] it and was so excited.”

He shared Pichai’s letter in a LinkedIn post that has gone viral.

In another interview, Bridgewater said the attention from Pichai’s response has redoubled Chloe’s drive to work for Google.

With time, she just might: Pichai closed his letter to Chloe by saying, “I look forward to receiving your job application when you are finished with school!”

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