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Revival island

Post Office brings back classic-style boxes

Two men and one woman pose in front of boxes
Gathering in front of the new PO Boxes in Avalon, CA, are Pacific Area Maintenance Technician Albert De Los Santos, Avalon Postmaster Margarita Jackson and Los Angeles Letter Box Mechanic Anthony Herrera.

Customers in a beloved California community recently had a small piece of their history restored, courtesy of USPS.

For years, the Avalon Post Office had some PO Boxes with modern, solid doors, and some with historic, antique combination doors.

“[People] just didn’t like the mismatch,” Postmaster Margarita Jackson said.

When it came time to install new boxes, Jackson decided to honor the town’s 1920s vibe. Avalon is located about 22 miles south of Los Angeles on Catalina Island, which is closely linked to Hollywood’s silent film era.

She found a manufacturer of PO Boxes that matched the original design and fit her budget.

After installation by the Los Angeles District maintenance team, the new boxes were unveiled in a special celebration attended by island residents and local government officials.

“We are proud of the services provided by [the Avalon] Post Office employees, and the leadership provided by Postmaster Margarita Jackson,” said Avalon’s mayor, Anni Marshall.

Customers love the retro boxes, Jackson said.

“[We’re] truly a hub for everyone in the community,” she said. “This honors the historical significance of this wonderful place.”

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