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USPS, FedEx renew contract

USPS and FedEx leaders
USPS and FedEx leaders gather at Postal Service headquarters in Washington, DC. From left are Paul J. Herron, FedEx Express’s postal transportation and customer engineering VP; Terrence J. Townsend, air transportation manager; Lauren Sylvester, cargo air acquisitions manager; Susan Brownell, supply management VP; David Williams, chief operating officer; David J. Bronczek, FedEx Express’s president and chief operating officer; Gregory Bayne, transportation portfolio manager; Brian McKain, shared networks contracting officer; Joseph Corbett, chief financial officer; and Andy Henderson, air transportation operations manager.

The Postal Service has renewed its Air Cargo Network contract with FedEx.

The four-year renewal extends the contract through Sept. 29, 2024.

The contract began Oct. 1, 2013, and provides domestic air transportation for U.S. Mail, Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express.

This contract modification aligns capacity with postal demand, provides operational flexibility and service enhancements, and results in reduced costs for USPS.

FedEx is the largest provider of air transportation capacity to the Postal Service, which has had a longstanding business relationship with the company since 2001.

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