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Shane Arellano, West Linn, OR

West Linn, OR, Letter Carrier Shane Arellano
West Linn, OR, Letter Carrier Shane Arellano

When Letter Carrier Shane Arellano recently delivered mail to a 95-year-old customer in West Linn, OR, he was expecting her to greet him at the door as she always did.

On this particular day, though, something was wrong.

The woman had fallen off her porch, was unable to get up, and — stuck behind bushes — was hidden from the view of passersby.

Arellano helped her get to her feet and offered to call 911, but she was uninjured.

“Thankfully this customer is safe and sound,” said Arellano’s supervisor, Tara Stiller. “We’re grateful and honored to have a hero like Shane representing our office and USPS.”

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