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Tyler Bruggeman, Oberlin, KS

Oberlin, KS, City Carrier Assistant Tyler Bruggeman
Oberlin, KS, City Carrier Assistant Tyler Bruggeman

A city carrier assistant new to his job in Oberlin, KS, wasn’t sure the sound he heard recently while delivering mail was a cry for help.

But Tyler Bruggeman already knew that the customer at the residence was older and relied on a walker, so he didn’t want to risk overlooking an emergency.

His instincts were spot-on.

When he knocked on the door, the man’s plea was unmistakable, and Bruggeman discovered that he’d fallen. The postal employee called 911 and alerted the man’s family, then comforted him until emergency responders arrived.

“Tyler was very composed and handled this situation in a very caring manner,” Postmaster Phyllis Ziegelmeier said.

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