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Gift of life

Employee’s blood donations save lives

Newman Lake, WA, Retail Associate Ron Laughbon has donated 24 gallons of blood since 1979.

Ron Laughbon believes in the spirit of giving all year round.

Since 1979, the Newman Lake, WA, retail associate has donated 24 gallons of blood to his local blood center.

Those 24 gallons, equaling 192 blood center visits, have helped more than 500 people.

“This is something I’ve always wanted to do,” said Laughbon, whose parents participated in blood drives and taught him the importance of donating.

While Laughbon doesn’t know the identities of those he has helped, he has been told his donations have gone to patients during surgeries, those receiving cancer and kidney dialysis treatments, burn victims, newborns and many others.

The 18‑year USPS veteran, who once served as a blood drive coordinator, has inspired his wife, Tammy, a retail associate in Spokane Valley, WA, to also donate.

Laughbon acknowledges that his donations are high, but he knows others who have given more and feels donating is the right thing to do.

He encourages others to give if they can.

“It’s just a little thing but it’s a matter of life and death,” Laughbon said. “If you can help save someone’s life, that’s pretty special.”

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