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Catalyst for change

Video highlights Height’s achievements

Dorothy Height’s civil rights legacy is celebrated in a new USPS-produced video that features interviews with colleagues, historians and others who herald her achievements.

Living with Purpose” debuted Feb. 1 at the dedication of the new stamp honoring Height, who fought for racial and gender equality for almost 80 years.

“That’s what Dr. Height was all about — making a difference,” Dara Richardson-Heron, chief executive officer of the Young Woman’s Christian Association, says during the 4-minute video.

Joel Brokaw, a writer who worked with Height on her memoir, also titled “Living with Purpose,” praises Height’s spirit.

“Every time I had a chance to sit down with her, I grew,” Brokaw says. “Even in a moment of silence, I was learning something from her.”

The video also features comments from Bishop Vashti M. McKenzie of the African Methodist Episcopal Church; Holly Cowan Shulman, a University of Virginia history professor; and Paulette C. Walker, national president of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.

Other highlights include photos taken during pivotal moments in Height’s career, including her work with first lady Eleanor Roosevelt and President John F. Kennedy.

“Everybody is put on this earth for a purpose,” Walker says. “Hers was to be a catalyst for change.”

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