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John Richichi, Glens Falls, NY

Glens Falls, NY, Letter Carrier John Richichi
Glens Falls, NY, Letter Carrier John Richichi

Residents of Glens Falls, NY, recently heaped praise on a postal employee for his quick thinking that saved a driver and passenger from being crushed by a massive tree limb.

Letter Carrier John Richichi was delivering mail when he heard a loud cracking sound. Realizing it was coming from a tree near the street, he flagged down an approaching motorist, who was in the car with her son.

The woman told The Post-Star newspaper that when Richichi yelled for her to stop, she screeched to a halt. In another inch, she said, “the tree would have been right on top of us.”

“Everybody should look out for one another,” Richichi told the local ABC station.

The postal employee, whose 30th anniversary on the job coincided with the day of the incident, was also the subject of letters to the editor noting that he is always willing to help and that he goes the extra mile for everyone.”

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