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Handling with care

Employees help family after tragic loss

USPS employees with family
Greenmead Station employees present the collection to the Fortson family. From left are Station Manager Shauntee Taylor, Customer Services Supervisor Dawn Wattree and Charlotte, Brechelle and Benjamin Fortson.

A group of Los Angeles employees recently came to a family’s aid following a devastating fire that killed two small children.

Two days after Christmas, the Fortson family lost 3-year‑old twin boys in the fire caused by faulty Christmas tree decorations.

Benjamin Fortson, his pregnant wife Charlotte and their 4-year-old daughter Brechelle survived the fire.

When employees at the Greenmead Station heard about the tragedy, they took up a collection for the Fortsons, who live in the station’s delivery area.

Employees collected the donations on their own time, and all contributions were voluntary.

Benjamin, who sustained burns to his face, shoulder and neck attempting to rescue his sons, was surprised to see Greenmead Station Manager Shauntee Taylor and Customer Services Supervisor Dawn Wattree personally deliver the collection.

“We wanted to let our public know that we do care about what is going on in our neighborhood,” Wattree told Benjamin.

As the Fortsons grieve their loss, they are thankful for the outpouring of support.

“People have been so generous to us since the fire and we really appreciate everything they have done for us,” Benjamin said. “Thank you all so much for helping us.”

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