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USPS offers list of price changes

Blonde woman purchases stamps from mail clerk
Prices for First-Class Mail Forever stamps and some other products and services changed this week.

The Postal Service is encouraging retail associates and other employees to keep the list of recent price changes handy for easy reference.

The list is included in Notice 123, which is available on the Postal Explorer site.

Some notable changes and highlights include:

  • First-Class Mail metered letters: Prices have dropped (page 5)
  • Keys and identification devices table added (page 5)
  • Simple samples: Now there are only two tiers (page 21)
  • Business Reply Mail: New permit requirements (page 32)
  • Domestic quick reference page for size requirements (page 37)
  • International quick reference page for size requirements (page 71)

The new price change video has other highlights.

Additionally, the Retail and Customer Service Operations Blue page has a price change kit for Postmasters.

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