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Fan mail

Boy writes letter, meets baseball hero

Young fan gets haircut with Astro baseball player George Springer
Houston Astros player George Springer watches as letter-writing fan Will Erickson gets his hair cut. Image: Houston Astros

Houston Astros fan Will Erickson just learned a lesson in the power of mail.

When Will, 7, heard rumors last month that the team might trade his favorite player, George Springer, he wrote a letter to the Astros’ general manager.

“Hi my name is Will and I live in Texas. Please don’t trade George Springer,” he wrote.

Will then listed his top three reasons to keep the right fielder: “He is my favorite player, I get my haircut like his and he is a team leader.”

When Springer heard about the letter, he invited Will, his brother and their parents to the Astros’ clubhouse.

“I’m glad you didn’t go to Detroit,” Will told his hero.

He also said he watches every Houston Astros game, records it and then watches it again the next day.

Additionally, Will revealed he received a George Springer bobblehead for Christmas and was so excited that he dropped and broke it.

But don’t feel bad: The visit ended with Will and Springer getting matching haircuts.

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