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Keeping track

USPS scanners improve fleet visibility

Postal employee scans trailer label
Postal Vehicle Service Driver Gerald Jacob scans a trailer label recently at the Merrifield, VA, Processing and Distribution Center.

The Postal Service’s deployment of cellular scanners to postal vehicle service (PVS) drivers has improved tracking of the transportation fleet, new data shows.

The scanner initiative is part of the Surface Visibility (SV) program.

The PVS scanners are similar SV mobile scanners, except they have GPS capability and operate on cellular networks.

More than 5,000 scanners have been deployed allowing the organization to track PVS arrivals and departures at detached mail units, mailer sites and freight houses.

Recent data from Enterprise Analytics shows accurate and timely PVS scanning has improved routing within the surface transportation network.

“The initiative has allowed the Postal Service to leverage operational intelligence, increase efficiencies and improve visibility across our network,” said Enterprise Analytics VP Isaac S. Cronkhite.

The Postal Service is also using PVS and SV scanners to help forklift drivers more efficiently perform scans to increase scanning compliance at postal facilities.

By pairing the long-range scanning device with the SV scanner, forklift drivers can more efficiently perform their scans, increasing a facility’s scan compliance.

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