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Carriers on foot honored for reaching feat

Philadelphia letter carriers Leo Henrysen, top, and Richard Effing are among 29 employees who were recently honored for their safe walking records.

You’ve heard of 1 million milers. How about 100 million steppers?

For years, the Postal Service has honored employees who have driven 30 years or 1 million miles without an accident.

Now Philadelphia District is taking this concept a step further by recognizing employees who spend most of their time walking and have achieved the 30-year accident-free milestone.

“I’m a little clumsy in real life but lucky in my postal career,” said Philadelphia Letter Carrier Leo Henrysen, one of 29 district employees who’ve received the recognition.

He pointed to the challenges of walking postal routes, including high steps and inclement weather.

“Not every day can be sunny and 72 degrees,” Henrysen said. “Wet leaves can be as slippery as ice.”

Letter Carrier Richard Effing, another honoree, has walked postal routes for more than 40 years.

He said he has walked “over and above” 100 million steps and joked his age and experience make him the “Ben Franklin and Pony Express guy.”

Effing attributes his accident-free streak to “common sense and following the rules.”

His advice: “Always be aware of your surroundings and watch out for uneven sidewalks and cracks.”

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