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Sherri Yorkey, Farmington Hills, MI

Farmington Hills, MI, Letter Carrier Sherri Yorkey
Farmington Hills, MI, Letter Carrier Sherri Yorkey

A pleasant exchange between a postal employee and customer in Farmington Hills, MI, recently took an unpleasant twist when the customer got out of the car but left it in reverse.

The woman had stopped to chat with Letter Carrier Sherri Yorkey as she was delivering mail. When the customer exited her vehicle and realized it was in gear, she tried to stop it from moving but was knocked to the pavement, and the car rolled over her foot.

Yorkey was able to safely enter the vehicle and hit the brakes before it caused further injuries or damage, and she stayed with the customer until help arrived.

“Sherri was a godsend to me,” the woman later told the local Postmaster. “A very kind, alert and helpful person.”

Said Yorkey: “The world is a better place when we help each other.

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