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Dream team

‘Engage’ highlights creative workplaces

Engage episode 2

The West End Post Office in Atlanta has a unique way of keeping employees excited about work — fantasy football.

Teams are divided by routes, and employees earn points based on attendance and performance, including scanning and deliveries.

However, it’s not just a game that keeps employees engaged.

“I tell people how much we appreciate their work,” Customer Services Manager Jose Smyly says. “That’s what I think employee engagement is all about, involving everyone in the process to make sure we get the best possible service we can give to our customers.”

The office is showcased in the second episode of “Engage,” a new video series that highlights USPS workplaces that foster enthusiasm, involvement and commitment.

The episode also profiles James Allen Jr., a Capitol Metro Area employee engagement ambassador who discusses feedback he recently received from someone whose manager attended Allen’s training.

“She came back totally changed and was looking for what would benefit both her and her supervisor and all the employees in the unit at the same time,” Allen says.

The episode also highlights Stacey Morehead, a Douglassville, GA, letter carrier whose co-workers worked together to create videos to lift her spirits during a recent illness.

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