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Danny Workman, Franklin, PA

Franklin, PA, Letter Carrier Danny Workman
Franklin, PA, Letter Carrier Danny Workman

Everything was fine when Danny Workman recently delivered mail to a customer who was changing the brakes on a truck. But when he was just a few houses away, the Franklin, PA, letter carrier heard the man scream for help.

Workman rushed back and found the man pinned underneath the truck after a mishap with the jack. Unable to free the customer, Workman flagged down a passing motorist who had another jack they used to raise the truck and release the man.

He declined medical treatment after being examined at the scene.

Once the story hit the front page of The Titusville Herald and started making the rounds on social media, community members reached out to thank Workman for his heroism.

Among the admiring comments: “That’s my wonderful mailman!”

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