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‘Investing in you’

New video urges survey participation

In a new video, Chief Human Resources Officer Jeffrey Williamson discusses the importance of the Postal Pulse employee survey.

USPS is encouraging employees to participate in the latest Postal Pulse survey, which is being conducted from Oct. 4-Nov.4.

“We’re committed to investing in you,” Chief Human Resources Officer Jeff Williamson says in a new video to promote the twice-a-year survey.

The Postal Pulse measures employee engagement and is used to improve USPS workplaces.

“I am often asked why we are making this such a priority, and how we can afford to spend so much time and money on the Postal Pulse survey, engagement training and other materials,” Williamson says.

“We can’t afford not to,” he says, underscoring the survey’s importance to the organization.

Bargaining employees will receive the survey at their home and workplaces, while non-bargaining employees will receive an email to complete the survey on a secure site.

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