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USPS offers stormwater policy reminders

USPS is reminding employees about its stormwater policies.
USPS is reminding employees about its stormwater policies.

The Postal Service has established policies to reduce pollution to stormwater and snowmelt, which can cause oil and other hazardous chemicals to enter the environment.

USPS requires employees to do the following:

Never allow vehicle wash water or other equipment wastewater to enter stormwater drains. National contracts require suppliers who wash vehicles to use either a dry wipe process or a wet wash that collects and contains wash water for proper management off-site.

Additionally, water from the operation or cleaning of cooling towers and chillers contains toxic treatment chemicals that should not be discharged to stormwater systems.

Provide cover for contaminants such as oil, chemicals, batteries, tires, salt storage piles and trash that are stored outside. Keep containers and dumpsters closed and in good condition.

Keep exterior areas clean. Address spills, keep parking lots free of debris, and keep catch basins and drains clear.

Apply pesticides and fertilizers with precision and restraint.

Additional information is available on Blue.

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