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No ordinary pumpkins

USPS releases Jack-o’-lantern stamps

The Jack-o’-lantern stamp pane.
The Jack-o’-lantern stamp pane.

The Postal Service dedicated its first-ever Jack-o’-lantern stamps Sept. 29 in a fitting location — the “Halloween capital of the world.”

Chief Financial Officer Joe Corbett dedicated the stamps before an enthusiastic crowd in Anoka, MN, which is said to be the first American city to officially celebrate Halloween, dating back to 1920.

“Here in Anoka, and across the country, the jack-o’-lantern remains an iconic part of our youth — filled with memories that evoke laughter, fright, skittishness — and everything in between,” said Corbett.

Other participants included Minnesota State Sen. Jim Abeler, and Sally Andersen-Bruce who photographed the four carved pumpkins depicted on the stamps.

“It is our hope that these stamps rekindle special memories for everyone mailing or receiving postcards, letters and packages with these special jack-o’-lanterns affixed,” Corbett said.

The stamps are available at Post Offices and

The Sept. 29 news release has more information.

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