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Vintage postcards make Twitter comeback

A new Twitter feed is giving old postcards new life.
A new Twitter feed is giving old postcards new life.

How’s this for bridging the digital and the physical?

Postcard from the Past, a Twitter feed featuring images from old postcards, has become an unlikely hit.

The feed has accumulated more than 24,000 followers since its March debut.

Tom Jackson, the London-based creator, curates images of old postcards paired with a quote from the messages on the back.

“I’ve got a bit of a collection of postcards,” Jackson told CNN recently. “One day, I found a couple of them hanging around and I thought it would be fun to pop a few on Twitter and see what people thought of them.”

Feedback from followers indicates they appreciate his selections, particularly the retro vacation images.

“It quickly became apparent that people found them entertaining. It grew from there: Twitter wants more and you’ve got to feed the beast,” he said.

Jackson’s collection has even led to a literary deal: “Postcard from the Past” will be published as a book in 2017.

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