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Jerome Spilde, Jamestown, ND

Jamestown, ND, Rural Carrier Jerome Spilde
Jamestown, ND, Rural Carrier Jerome Spilde

Jerome Spilde was leaving the Post Office in Montpelier, ND, recently when he heard bad news: There was a serious car accident nearby.

The Jamestown, ND-based rural carrier knew it would take time for emergency responders to reach tiny, isolated Montpelier (population under 100), so he rushed to the scene, where he initially found a passenger trapped inside a severely damaged, overturned vehicle.

As he and a passerby strategized on how to rescue the young woman, they discovered the driver in an even more precarious situation. Unconscious, he was partially ejected from the car and his head was pinned underneath the roof.

The rescuers managed to lift the vehicle and rouse the driver so he could free his head, and they were able to remove the windshield, get both victims out of the car and begin administering first aid before medics arrived.

The passenger’s mother, a fellow postal employee, praised Spilde for his selfless actions and said that despite severe injuries, her daughter and the driver have a bright outlook — including full recovery — thanks to his help.

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