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George Hearst, Painesville, OH

Painesville, OH, Letter Carrier George Hearst
Painesville, OH, Letter Carrier George Hearst

Letter Carrier George Hearst says that his role as safety captain and trainer for the Painesville, OH, Post Office encourages him to be particularly mindful of hazards around him.

When he was recently delivering mail on a busy street and saw a young boy running into traffic, his instincts kicked in.

Hearst dropped his bag and ran to grab the boy before tragedy could strike.

The boy’s mother, who was with him while he played in their yard, sobbed as Hearst handed him to her. She even offered the carrier money to express her gratitude.

Customer Services Supervisor Michelle May, who calls Hearst “a wonderful carrier and a wonderful person,” says he would never accept money for such an act and that he’s grateful to God, whom he credits for putting him in a position to save a life.

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