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Kristina Chase, Belmont, MI

Belmont, MI, Rural Carrier Kristina Chase
Belmont, MI, Rural Carrier Kristina Chase

A rural carrier’s usual stop for fuel took an unusual twist recently.

Kristina Chase of Belmont, MI, wondered why K-9 units were at the gas station. She soon learned that a search was underway for a missing 10-year-old boy.

After she fueled up, bought water and got a description of the boy, Chase continued delivering the mail.

She later saw a boy matching the description in a wooded area. She stopped, talked to him and gave him water while she contacted authorities, who determined he was the missing child and reunited him with his parents.

Chase says that staying alert on her route was key to the boy’s safe recovery, and she hopes any carrier would do the same thing for her child.

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