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‘POV’ highlights election, political mail

The importance of Election Mail and Political Mail can’t be overstated, Customer Engagement and Strategic Alignment Manager Delores Lyle says in the latest “Point of View” video.

“The Postal Service plays a critical role in delivering voting information, ballots and political advertisements across the nation,” says Lyle, who fills in for Consumer and Industry Affairs VP Jim Nemec, the regular host.

In addition to delivering political advertisements, the Postal Service delivers ballots, Lyle notes.

About 25 percent of voters mailed their ballots during the 2014 midterm elections.

Many Post Offices process two types of election and political mail, adds Processing and Distribution Center Operations Manager Adyani Torres, who also appears in the video.

Election Mail refers to ballots addressed for domestic or international delivery, while Political Mail consists of mailings from political candidates, parties or other organizations.

“As we prepare for this election year, we are committed to the secure, reliable and efficient delivery of all the election and political mail. It is a top priority throughout the organization,” Torres says.

The Election Mail and Political Mail Blue site has additional information.

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