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Top ‘Cats’

Stamp gets nod in revival’s coverage

The 33-cent stamp honoring “Cats” was issued in 2000.
The 33-cent stamp honoring “Cats” was issued in 2000.

The Postal Service’s 2000 tribute to the megahit musical “Cats” took another bow in The New York Times last week.

Known for being a nearly plot-free spectacle with a catchy pop score, including the soaring ballad “Memory,” the iconic show is in the news as performances of a new Broadway production get underway.

A Times feature exploring the appeal of “Cats” includes the 33-cent stamp that was part of the Celebrate the Century series.

The original Broadway production of “Cats” — composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber and once marketed with the slogan “Now and Forever” — closed in 2000 after 18 years and almost 7,500 performances.

At the time, it was the longest-running show in Broadway history. That distinction is currently held by another Lloyd Webber musical, “The Phantom of the Opera,” which has clocked nearly 12,000 performances since 1988.

The new production of “Cats” is slated to open July 31.

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