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Marlon Williams, Detroit

Detroit Letter Carrier Marlon Williams
Detroit Letter Carrier Marlon Williams

First came the screams. Then came the gunshots.

Detroit Letter Carrier Marlon Williams could tell the sounds were coming from a nearby street where he’d just delivered mail, and he knew someone was in danger.

After he rushed back to the block, Williams encountered a bloodied woman. She said she’d just shot her family dog, which had attacked her and her father, who was in desperate need of medical attention.

Williams entered the home and found the man bleeding profusely. Since a neighbor had already called 911, Williams provided first aid to slow the blood loss until emergency personnel arrived.

TV news coverage of the attack, which aired during National Dog Bite Prevention Week, included praise for Williams.

“I was just there at the right time, that’s all,” he told the local Fox station, which credited him with saving the man’s life.

The victims are recovering.

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