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Driven employee accelerates into mechanic job

Columbia, SC, Automotive Technician Andrew Carson is following a family tradition.

When Andrew Carson joined the Postal Service in 2011, he never expected that he’d one day become a top mechanic at the Columbia, SC, Vehicle Maintenance Facility (VMF).

“At that time, I didn’t know what a VMF was,” he said.

Carson was hired as a casual mail handler. He later applied for a position as a Postal Support Employee garage mechanic and got the job.

“That was a great learning opportunity,” Carson said. “I traveled the district performing service for tires and oil. It taught me a lot about the Postal Service.”

After a team member retired, he passed a required exam and became a higher-level automotive technician at the South Carolina VMF.

Carson, who learned mechanics in high school, is following a family tradition.

“My dad and granddad were automotive mechanics, so that was my chosen field,” he said.

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