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USPS to deploy new transportation application

USPS will replace TIMESWeb with SVWeb later this year.
USPS will replace TIMESWeb with SVWeb later this year.

USPS will replace TIMESWeb, the application used to monitor highway contract routes and postal vehicle transportation, later this year.

SVWeb, the new application, will incorporate all transportation data into one database and offer full visibility of the transportation network and container movement.

The application will be available to all processing operations sites, including non-scanning sites.

“SVWeb employs innovative modern technology with a simplified interface that will facilitate quick and accurate data entry,” said Enterprise Analytics VP Isaac Cronkhite. “The data captured to identify early, on-time, late or cancelled trips also will be used to evaluate and improve transportation schedules.”

SVWeb will be introduced in phases from July 11-Sept. 30. Instructional materials for supervisors and users will be provided to surface visibility area and site coordinators.

The introduction of SVWeb is part of the Postal Service’s efforts to better use data and analytics to boost efficiency and improve the network.

The project is a collaboration between Transportation, Processing Operations and Enterprise Analytics.

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