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Jean Foree, Lincoln, NE

Lincoln, NE, Letter Carrier Jean Foree
Lincoln, NE, Letter Carrier Jean Foree

As a pile of uncollected mail grew over four days recently, so did Lincoln, NE, Letter Carrier Jean Foree’s level of concern.

She could detect no sign of activity at the customer’s home, and neighbors said they’d not seen the woman in several days.

After discussing the situation with her supervisor, Foree asked police officers to check on the woman and met them at her home. Officers determined the woman was inside but couldn’t get to the door.

They called firefighters to break into the home, where they found the woman in dire need of medical attention. She was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Lincoln Postmaster Kerry Kowalski praised Foree for “always watching out for her customers” and called her actions “a testament to the great work our carriers do every day.”

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