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Policy for environmental spills reissued

The policy for reporting hazardous chemical spills has been reissued.

The Postal Service has reissued its policy for reporting hazardous chemical spills that could affect the environment.

Under the policy, employees should immediately notify a manager or supervisor when spills reach stormwater, sanitary sewer drains, waterways, soil, groundwater or surface water.

The manager or supervisor must take the following steps:

  • Immediately report the incident to the appropriate regional manager, Environmental Compliance and Sustainability, and the safety specialist.
  • Notify the appropriate federal, state, and local environmental agencies. Initial telephone notification and follow-up written reporting may be required.
  • Complete and submit PS Form 8187, Hazardous and Regulated Substance Release Notification (revised April 2016).

The policy cautions employees against taking action to contain hazardous spills unless it’s for their protection or they have been trained on how to defensively handle minor spills.

The Blue Environmental Compliance page has additional information.

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