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USPS spreads word about preventing dog attacks

A letter carrier being followed by a dog.
USPS is spreading awareness of the dangers of dog attacks.

The Postal Service hit the radio airwaves this week to offer the public tips on preventing dog attacks against letter and rural carriers.

“Dog attacks are a nationwide issue,” Safety Director Linda DeCarlo told WKYW of Philadelphia, one of almost 20 radio interviews on the topic this week. “Even good dogs have bad days.”

More than 6,500 employees were attacked by dogs last year, DeCarlo noted, citing new statistics.

She also offered tips on responsible pet ownership:

  • When a carrier delivers mail or packages to your home, place dogs in a separate, closed room before opening the front door.
  • Remind children to keep dogs secured and not take mail directly from carriers in the pet’s presence.
  • Control dogs by teaching the appropriate behavior and not allowing them to roam. If carriers deem a dog threatening, USPS may ask the customer to pick up his or her mail at the Post Office.

Additionally, DeCarlo discussed the Postal Service’s new tech tools to prevent dog bites and shared stories about employees who’ve been attacked.

The interviews coincided with National Dog Bite Prevention Week, which concludes May 21.

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