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Don’t get scammed

Safeguard passwords, avoid phishing traps

Someone holding a credit card while they're looking at a computer screen.
Fraudsters use a variety of phishing tricks to steal personal and business information.

The CyberSafe at USPS team reminds employees to safeguard their passwords and avoid falling for phishing traps.

Fraudsters use many strategies to attempt to steal personal and business information, including fake emails and websites, known as phishing scams.

These tricks are often geared toward gaining the login credentials or passwords to your email, online shopping or banking accounts.

Here are some tips:

  • Avoid entering the credentials of your email, social media or Postal Service accounts into unknown sites.
  • Be wary of any messages or notifications that require “immediate action” or request your login information.
  • Confirm any links or attachments that require your password are from a reliable source before entering your credentials.

Report any suspicious activity on your Postal Service-provided computers or devices by emailing

The CyberSafe at USPS Blue site has more information security tips.

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