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Avoiding social media phishing schemes

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Employees should beware of phishing scams when using social media.

The CyberSafe at USPS team reminds employees to avoid phishing traps when using social media.

Phishing occurs when online scammers convince someone to reveal personal information for the scammers’ benefit.

Social media users who share pictures, status updates and other personal information with individuals they don’t know or trust can be vulnerable to these schemes.

Here are tips to protect yourself:

  • Review all messages and notifications to determine if they are legitimate.
  • Avoid entering the credentials of your social media accounts into unknown sites. Hackers often create fake pages to gain access to your accounts.
  • Beware of messages or notifications that require “immediate action” or request personal information.
  • Confirm that links or attachments sent to you on social media are from a reliable source. Hover over the URL of embedded links to confirm it’s the real thing before clicking.

The Cybersafe at USPS Blue site has additional information on Postal Service policies regarding social media usage.

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